These are his daily passions in destinations around the world:
whether it's your honeymoon, a championship final, a marathon, a concert, a restaurant, an important event, a tasting, a bike ride or an exhibition.


History moves the world. It moves people, decisions, consequences and our future. There's nothing like traveling and seeing up close what we learned in school and in books, getting to know the world through landscapes and monuments that testify to the development of our civilization and will help in the construction of what we are yet to experience!


Travel to experience what nature has done with a whim! Be prepared to disconnect from the big cities and immerse yourself in a world of wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful beaches, remote landscapes and breathtaking views!


The art of sensitively and logically organizing sounds and silences that please the ears, expose feelings, relax, make you dance, express! Opera, Rock, Popular Music, Traditional and all the others that make us know the world through our ears!


When the surrounding landscape inspires the practice of activities, or simply the taste of cheering for your favorite athlete and enjoying your favorite sport makes you go around the world! Physical activity and pleasure go together, just find the right destination!


Is there anything better than traveling and enjoying some of the best of world cuisine? Whether through starred restaurants, gastronomic festivals or street food, getting to know a new place and tasting its food makes us know much more than flavors and other elements, this experience also connects us with the local history and culture!


Visiting a museum is getting to know the world from another perspective, whether it's Monet's brushstrokes, Egypt's archaeological treasures, architecture, dance and modern art shows or even street murals! There are destinations around the world that fit together and provide unique experiences for all tastes!

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